Commit 4dc15827 authored by Merlijn Wajer's avatar Merlijn Wajer
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abbyy-lang-map: add more languages

parent 09085fa6
...@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ Latvian,lav,Latvian ...@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ Latvian,lav,Latvian
LatvianGothic,, LatvianGothic,,
Lezgin,lez,Lezghian Lezgin,lez,Lezghian
Lithuanian,lit,Lithuanian Lithuanian,lit,Lithuanian
LithuanianClassic,, LithuanianClassic,olt,Old Lithuanian
Luba,lua,Luba-Lulua Luba,lua,Luba-Lulua
Macedonian,mkd,Macedonian Macedonian,mkd,Macedonian
Malagasy,mlg,Malagasy Malagasy,mlg,Malagasy
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