Commit 1c534b1c authored by Merlijn Wajer's avatar Merlijn Wajer
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setup: require lxml 4.6.5 specifically

lxml 4.7.0 and higher have bugs, see
parent e6a0d2b1
...@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ setup(name='archive-hocr-tools', ...@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ setup(name='archive-hocr-tools',
], ],
python_requires='>=3.6', python_requires='>=3.6',
include_package_data=True, include_package_data=True,
install_requires=['lxml'], install_requires=['lxml==4.6.5'],
extras_require={ extras_require={
'epub': ['ebooklib==0.17.1', 'internetarchive-deriver-module==1.0.1', 'iso639==0.1.4'], 'epub': ['ebooklib==0.17.1', 'internetarchive-deriver-module==1.0.1', 'iso639==0.1.4'],
'pdf': ['PyMuPDF==1.19.2', 'numpy==1.21.3'], 'pdf': ['PyMuPDF==1.19.2', 'numpy==1.21.3'],
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