Commit 6b44a4d4 authored by Aram Verstegen's avatar Aram Verstegen Committed by Merlijn Wajer
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hocr-to-epub: make certain files optional

Make the conversion work even if there is no jp2, metadata or scandata xml.
Get rid of internetarchivepdf import.
parent e197ff68
...@@ -6,9 +6,16 @@ from collections import OrderedDict ...@@ -6,9 +6,16 @@ from collections import OrderedDict
import hocr.parse import hocr.parse
from ebooklib import epub from ebooklib import epub
from derivermodule.metadata import parse_item_metadata
from internetarchivepdf.scandata import * try:
from derivermodule.metadata import parse_item_metadata
from derivermodule.scandata import scandata_xml_get_skip_pages
# This is ok, just don't support _meta.xml and _scandata.xml
# Just error later on when/if the files are actually being passed
parse_item_metadata = None
scandata_xml_get_skip_pages = None
import iso639 import iso639
from PIL import Image from PIL import Image
...@@ -205,19 +212,25 @@ class EpubGenerator(object): ...@@ -205,19 +212,25 @@ class EpubGenerator(object):
if not self.epub_zip_file_path: if not self.epub_zip_file_path:
self.epub_zip_file_path = self.hocr_xml_file_path.replace('_hocr.html', '_ebook.epub') self.epub_zip_file_path = self.hocr_xml_file_path.replace('_hocr.html', '_ebook.epub')
self.img_stack = ImageStack(self.image_stack_zip_file_path, os.path.join(WORKING_DIR, "epub_img")) # We can still make an epub without any of these if we must
try: # Try to find metadata
if os.path.exists(self.meta_xml_file_path) and parse_item_metadata is not None:
self.metadata = parse_item_metadata(self.meta_xml_file_path) self.metadata = parse_item_metadata(self.meta_xml_file_path)
except: else:
raise RuntimeError("Could not fine _meta.xml file for this item") self.metadata = {}
try: # Try to find
if os.path.exists(self.image_stack_zip_file_path):
self.img_stack = ImageStack(self.image_stack_zip_file_path, os.path.join(WORKING_DIR, "epub_img"))
self.img_stack = None
# Try to find scandata
if os.path.exists(self.scandata_xml_file_path) and scandata_xml_get_skip_pages is not None:
self.skip_pages = scandata_xml_get_skip_pages(self.scandata_xml_file_path) self.skip_pages = scandata_xml_get_skip_pages(self.scandata_xml_file_path)
except: else:
self.skip_pages = [] self.skip_pages = []
print("Parsing file %s" % self.hocr_xml_file_path) print("Parsing file %s" % self.hocr_xml_file_path)
self.generate() self.generate()
def normalize_language(self, language): def normalize_language(self, language):
""" """
...@@ -414,7 +427,10 @@ class EpubGenerator(object): ...@@ -414,7 +427,10 @@ class EpubGenerator(object):
def generate(self, confidence_threshold=75.0): def generate(self, confidence_threshold=75.0): = epub.EpubBook() = epub.EpubBook()
self.set_metadata() try:
css_file = epub.EpubItem( css_file = epub.EpubItem(
uid="style_nav", uid="style_nav",
...@@ -504,7 +520,11 @@ class EpubGenerator(object): ...@@ -504,7 +520,11 @@ class EpubGenerator(object):
if words_on_page or images_on_page: if words_on_page or images_on_page:
page_epub = epub.EpubHtml(title='Page %s' % page_idx, page_epub = epub.EpubHtml(title='Page %s' % page_idx,
file_name='page_%s.html' % page_idx, file_name='page_%s.html' % page_idx,
lang=self.metadata['language']) )
if 'language' in self.metadata.keys():
page_epub.add_link( page_epub.add_link(
href='style/style.css', rel='stylesheet', type='text/css' href='style/style.css', rel='stylesheet', type='text/css'
) )
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