Commit 2ea2a759 authored by Derek Fukumori's avatar Derek Fukumori
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imagestack: combine unpacking and validation of imagestack

parent ec999a72
import re
from pathlib import Path
from subprocess import check_call
from time import time
from .const import PB_TMP
from .logger import logger
def get_imagestack_info(task_info):
......@@ -29,27 +29,47 @@ def get_imagestack_info(task_info):
return {'image_type': 'tif', 'archive_type': 'tar'}
raise Exception('Unhandled imagestack format: %s' % source_format)
def unpack_and_validate_imagestack(imagestack_path, imagestack_info, dst):
""" Unpack and validate an imagestack
def validate_imagestack(identifier, img_ext):
Validates an image stack by checking if the image stack follows the proper
directory structure, and if the files in the image stack contain the right
file names.
An imagestack is valid if it contains at least one directory that contains
at least one image of the expected image type.
imagestack_path (str): The imagestack archive path
imagestack_info (dict): {'archive_type': ..., 'image_type': ...}
dst (str): Destination directory for the unpacked imagestack
(str, int): Tuple containing the path to the unpacked image directory
and the image count.
image_count = 0
img_dir = Path(PB_TMP)/f'{identifier}_{img_ext}'
if not (img_dir.exists() and img_dir.is_dir()):
raise Exception('Imagestack does not follow proper directory structure.')'Unpacking image stack.')
start_time = time()
if imagestack_info['archive_type'] == 'tar':
check_call(['tar', '-xf', imagestack_path, '-C', dst])
elif imagestack_info['archive_type'] == 'zip':
check_call(['unzip', '-qq', '-o', imagestack_path, '-d', dst])
raise ValueError('Cannot extract archive_type %s' % imagestack_info['archive_type'])'Unpacking image stack took %f seconds', time() - start_time)
for f in Path(dst).iterdir():
img_dir = f
raise Exception('Unable to locate image directory in imagestack.')
image_count = 0
for img_path in img_dir.iterdir():
m = re.fullmatch(f'{identifier}_\d\d\d\d\.{img_ext}',
if m:
if img_path.suffix[1:] == imagestack_info['image_type']:
image_count += 1
if image_count == 0:
raise Exception('Imagestack contains no valid images.')
return image_count
return str(img_dir), image_count
# TODO: function to unpack an image stack
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