Commit 35cb5af5 authored by Merlijn Wajer's avatar Merlijn Wajer
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imagestack: document validate_imagestack

parent bb36b373
......@@ -147,6 +147,19 @@ def iterate_imagestack(imagestack_path, imagestack_info, sort=True):
def validate_imagestack(imagestack_path, imagestack_info):
Validate an imagestack given a path. An imagestack is valid if it contains
at least image with a supported image type.
* imagestack_path (``str``): The imagestack archive path
* imagestack_info (``dict``)::
>>> {'archive_type': ..., 'image_type': ...}
If the method does not raise an Exception, the image stack is valid.
image_count = 0
for img_path, _ in iterate_imagestack(imagestack_path, imagestack_info):
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