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doc: note on branch names

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......@@ -171,6 +171,21 @@ map (override) specific files from your directory with arguments like this to
This will map your new ```` to the containers ``/app/``.
Create a repository on ``, under the right namespace (reach out
to the Petabox team to figure out what it is, it might be `www/`). Then pick
names for your testing and production branches. A recommendation could be
`testing` and `production`: meaning that only commits pushed to any of those two
branches have a chance of being picked up by the production environment (and
thus, pushing to `master` does not trigger a deploy). Then communicate those
branch names to the petabox team.
The `testing` branch can then be selected for a derive by passing the
`test_serverless` argument with the value `on` to the task arguments.
`production` will then be the default branch.
General Deriver Module Guidelines
......@@ -207,7 +222,7 @@ mind:
Modules using derivermodule
The following deriver module make use of this library:
The following projects make use of this library:
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