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3 talks today!

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......@@ -11,6 +11,21 @@ const TITLE = 'tracey likes to dev 🐋'
const SLIDES = ''
const ME = {
'Tracey Jaquith Presentations': [{
slug: 'nomad',
title: 'Moving from Kubernetes to Nomad',
img: '',
descrip: 'What is Orchestration? How do Containers help? How did we move Kubernetes to Nomad using GitLab plus a single templated common job file?',
slug: 'derive-speedups',
title: 'Deriver (Item Processing) Speedups',
img: '',
descrip: 'Speeding up item processing at GPUs, single-pass mp4 processing, serverless deriving with arbitrary containers, and more!',
slug: 'word-salad',
title: 'Word Salad - a word game',
img: '',
descrip: 'I made a NY Times Spelling Bee knock-off game. What can you do with 7 letters? 😺',
href: '',
slides: '',
title: 'HashiTalks 2021',
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