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    metadata: write _meta.xml to separate temporary filesystem · 36d26314
    Merlijn Wajer authored
    Per Hank:
    for our immediate problem, i don’t have a specific theory of causation.
    there are multiple possible causes, and we don’t have enough information
    to distinguish among them. i would like to try the suggested procedure
    (writing to a tmp dir, testing there, then moving the file into the item
    dir, even if that entails a copy across filesystems) because
    (1) it has diagnostic value, helping us narrow down possible causes based on
        whether the problem recurs,
    (2) if at all possible, i want to preserve the practice of moving or
        copying only complete, known-good, files into the item dir, breaking
        that convention as a last resort once we’ve determined it’s the only way
        to resolve this problem.